A History of Community Activism and Conservation Ecology

During 2012 we undertook the following:

Water History Park And Museum, pictured above
CNA has been honored for our part in obtaining funding for and guiding the restoration of a once dilapidated building and property into a beautiful City park. Now that the exterior of the building has been restored and landscaping has been re-established we are directing our efforts towards the next “educational” phase. With the passing of the General Obligation Bond question last March, new funding will enable us to begin the design and implementation of a Santa Fe Water History interpretive exhibit. Phase 2 will also include work on the interior of the building to allow for future public use.

Re-Use Of Manderfield School
We continue to be involved in conversations with the School Board and potential buyers of the historic Manderfield School. We are committed to an appropriate re-use of this building.

Fire Prevention
CNA hosted a neighborhood meeting with Santa Fe Fire Department. A program of removing accumulated “fuel” was initiated and piles of dead wood were removed from the bosque.

Public Safety
We continue to seek creative approaches to such issues as crime and excessive traffic speeds.

Historic Styles
We strive to ensure that the City of Santa Fe’s land use requirements are honored. We work with residents in an effort to encourage good communication with the Historic Districts Review Board.

Annual Picnic
Always a success, this year’s picnic was well attended. We elected new board members, brought neighbors up to date on current canyon issues, and enjoyed a lovely fall day socializing and picnicking with neighbors.

Cerro Gordo Road Safety
Through CNA’s encouragement, the limited visibility at the dangerous intersection of Gonzales Road and Cerro
Gordo  Road has been improved by cutting back a berm of earth near the stop sign.  Also, Cerro Gordo Road now has a center stripe improving  safety on such a narrow road. Next we hope to uncover the Cerro Gordo Road  sidewalk.

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