History old

During the past year, 2010, we undertook the following:

Land Preservation: We helped to secure the gift of 335 acres to the existing Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, which is now under the protection of the Nature Conservancy. www.nature.org

Water History Park and Museum: CNA has been honored for our part in obtaining funding for and guiding the restoration of a once dilapidated building and property into a beautiful City park. The History Park initiative has been the recipient of two separate historic preservation awards. See Photos (coming soon)

Living River: We advocated for the preservation of a living Santa Fe River and its natural riparian habitat. See Photos (coming soon)

Historic Styles: We strove persistently to ensure that the City of Santa Fe’s land use requirements were honored. We work with residents in an effort to encourage good communication with Santa Fe’s Historic Design Review Board.

Public Safety: We continue to seek creative approaches to issues such as crime prevention and excessive traffic speeds. Crime Watch

Manderfield School Renewal: We are evaluating possible reuse scenarios to assure maximum community benefit while preserving the properties historic character. See Photos (coming soon)

Annual Picnic: Our Annual Picnic, celebrated in our new Water History Park, was attended by, among others, the Mayor, our City Councilors, a State Senator and a State Representative. Created as an informal forum for maintaining our Board membership, it is also an opportunity to recognize individuals who have had a positive impact on our community. See Photos (coming soon)

We anticipate that the current year will be equally productive. We will address new issues as they arise and build on the initiatives of the past year, including:

• Launching a new web site and implementing a new
 e-mail program to improve the dissemination of information on canyon issues.
Please send us your e-mail address so that you can take full advantage of these services.
• Fund raising for Phase II of the Water History Park and Museum.
• Continuing our efforts towards traffic calming and neighborhood crime alerts.
• Promoting a fresh, appropriate vision for the restoration of the Manderfield School Property, which is on the State’s Registry of Historic Properties
• Communicating our community’s needs to our political

To do all this, we need the participation and support of the canyon community. If you want to begin to do your part, please Join Us.