Service Professionals in Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is a list of service & trade businesses that your neighbors recommend.

Your Canyon Neighborhood Association neighbors have made each of these recommendations based on their personal experience of using their services. CNA has not edited any of the listings; we simply hope to help neighbors share information that may be useful.

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1330 Canyon Road  SF NM 87501.  983-4139.



Animal Services

Pest Removal:
Rachael at Loving  Animal Services 986-4906 cell 986-0932 office.  R/By Brad Perkins and by Frances Diemoz  983-4139. (..Rachael will set traps, or if you get a skunk in your own trap, will carefully take the skunk away and return the trap..)

Gopher Extermination:
Dale Wenberg  412-0412.  R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.


Automobile Services

Auto Mechanics:
Executive Auto (Foreign) 474-7500.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Expert Auto 438-7112.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.  and by Albert Durand 982-3211.  (Foreign and domestic)

Mike’s Garage (Suburu Specialist)  983-6577.  R/By Sandor Brent  982-8643.

Auto Body Repair:
Mena’s Coach Works (High End) 471-9037.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.


Buildings + Grounds Services

All Appliance – Appliance Parts,  Carol and Patsy  471-0481 service, 471-0487 parts.  R/By Albert Durand  982-3211.

Allan’s Appliance  470-7610.  R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.


Blacksmith, Ironwork, Welding
Christin Boyd, FlyGirl Iron  570-4766. R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121.

Hellmutt Hillencamp or Caleb Smith, Iron-To-Live-With 474-3060. R/By Nooy Bunnell

Michael Lujan, Mike’s Portable Welding 469-0028,  R/By Albert Durand  982-3211.  ( ..gates or anything, onsite fabrication and repairs.. )


Cabinet and Furniture Makers
Abram Mills 920-1017.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Fred Walling 988-7027.   R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Keith Hartman 490-0926.  R/By John & Linda Dressman.

Paul Baglione, Custom Woodworks Inc. 988-7326. R/By Nooy Bunnell


Can-Do-Everything Services
Adrian Chavez  470-6970.  R/By Jim & Georgia Snead 983-6109. ( “electrical, plumbing, tile setting, plastering, painting, brick laying, and most anything..”)

Eric Federici  920-9565.  R/By Tushita  992-3931  < (“handy doing a bit of everything including electrical, painting, gardening, etc..”)

Juan Lopez  316-5310.  R/By Mary Ray Cate  989-1630. (“put up fences, paint walls,  dig trenches, do excellent adobe mud plastering and many other tasks..”)

Boni Armijo, Building Adventures Unlimited  670-6734.  R/By Eva Schmatz  660-0067. (“for either renovation or new construction..”)

Jeanfrancios Chabaud, The French Master. 316-6936.  R/By Bonnie Bishop.   (“from gen. contracting to small jobs – painting, landscaping, irrigation systems, drywall, stone work, stucco, windows & doors..”)

Leonardo Soto, Nayo’s Construction 490-2477.  R/By Richard Ellenberg 992-1396.

Mike Morrow, Morrow Builders 470-6082.  R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121.

Tim O’donohue, O’donohue Construction  920-2880.  R/By Tushita  992-3931.

Watson Conserves  995-0747.  R/By Linda Newberry  983-4609 ext.29.  (“esp. historic structure preservation, rehabing old wood windows for energy efficiency, earthen buildings…”)


Jeff Carbine  471-5544.  R/By Sandor Brent 982-8643.

Keith Hartman 490-0926.  R/By John & Linda Dressman.

Mark Hopkins  660-3763.   R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.

California Closets, Anna Young  858-1100.  R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121.

Designers + Draftsmen
Tim Currie, Drafting – Design Solutions 989-3241.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Drain + Sewage
Joe Bernal, The Drain Surgeon  473-9208.   R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.

Door Installation
Evan Deane, Western Sky Woodworks  421-3328, cell 690-0160. R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121


Electrical Concepts, Hansi, Assi and Greg  660-8871.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

John Gwynn  660-6220.   R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Miguel Escarcia  699-0183. R/By Nooy Bunnell


Morey Walker, Walker Engineering  820-7990.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.  (..structural, grading, drainage plans, etc.


Chris Collier, Small Tractor Works 466-4193.   R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Jake Wright Excavating LLC  471-5021.  Driveways, grading.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211

Javier Juarez, Dove Excavating 473-4855.  Excavating and hauling.  R/By Albert Durand  982-3211.


Floor Installers
Kevin, Guaranteed Floors 310-8732.  R/By Richard Ellenberg 992-1396.

Will Hawkins, Fine Wood Floors  780-1077.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.


Lumber and Builder’s Supply:

Alpine Builder’s Supply 982-2543.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211 and Frances Diemoz 983-4139.  (..lumber, hardware, millwork, custom planing, hardwoods, etc., conveniently located downtown..)

Keith and John, Norton Hill 471-2456.  Beams, rough sawn lumber, latillas.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Door Hardware Installation
Greg Hesselden 690-7475.  R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.


Irrigation, Maintenance, Nurseries, Ponds, Tree Services, Yard Work

Jenny Bradway, Four Seasons Xeriscape  310-2926.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Jeremiah Kidd, San Isidro Permaculture 983-3841. Permaculture, Xeriscape.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Mark Zamora, Santa Fe Landscape Co. 984-1723. 660-7433c. R/By Doug McDowell

Sam Romo  412-0679.  R/By Don Emery  982-8383 (“landscaping, dry-stack rock-wall building, drip irrigation systems, water storage..”)

Agua Fria Nursery, Bob Pennington  983-4831.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Rodney Leyda 501-4171.   R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121. (fountain construction and maintenance)

Tree  Services
Richard Atkinson, Arborist  984-8655.  R/By  Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Robert Coates, Coates Tree Service  983-6233.  R/By Linda Newberry 983-4609 ext.29.


Billy McCafferty 795-9232.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.  (…river stone, concrete block, philosophical counseling and book reviews…)

Hector Gutiierez 204-4412.  R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121. (flagstone)

Jorge Aragon  610-9794.  R/By Nooy Bunnell

Rafael Ortiz 490-2312.  R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121.  (moss rock and stone work)


Bruce Mikelson, Four Seasons Painting 984-3108.   R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Carol Christianson  474-0767 or 920-5342 c.  R/By Tushita  992-3931

Gary Roybal, Southwest Custom Finishing 780-0869.  R/By Nooy Bunnell

Sergio or Jose, TWC Team Works Painting 690-5591.  R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121. (custom & faux painting)

Plasterers—American Clay
Kathy Brennan  995-1057. 501-1742c.  R/By Tushita  992-3931.


Plumbing + Heating
Charlie Drysdale  988-1700.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Hubbell Plumbing and Heating 471-4221.  R/By Sandor Brent  982-8643 ; and  Frances Diemoz 983-4139.

Mark Onstad  988-2344.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Universal Plumbing,  Tony and Lucero,  Jesse (repairs)  982-6604.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Plumbing Fixtures
Santa Fe by Design, Kathy Fennema  988-4111. R/By Jim Gollin 820-6121.


Brian McPartlon  982-6256.  R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139.

Chris Lopez, Lopez Roofing Service Inc. 471-8332. R/By Nooy Bunnell,

Nick Martinez, MGM Roofing  982-2277.  R/By Linda Newberry 983-4609 ext.29.

Robert/Tito Gutierrez, Desert Rose Roofing and Construction Co. 421-2250.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.


Security Systems
L.O.E. Alarm  982-6248.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Solar, Photovoltaic Installation
John Gwynn  660-6220.  R/By Frances Diemoz 983-4139

Mitch Noonan, Southwest Mountain Surveying  982-9429, 470-6721 cell.,  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Water Leak Detectives
Sonic Leak Detection  982-8414.  R/By Richard Ellenberg 992-1396.  (..heat sensitive cameras are used to locate leaks in ceilings, floors, etc..)

Window Washers
Jamie Snyder  231-9684.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.



Medical Services

Family  Practice
Alan Rogers MD  983-6911.  R/By Bonnie Bishop

Marc Seredovich  982-4276.  R/By Sandor Brent  982-8643.

Karen Vander Veldt  986-5025. R/By Sandor Brent  982-8643.


Personal + Home Services

Luci Martinez, Luci’s Alterations  204-5346.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Alibris.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.

Peas ‘N’ Pod  438-2877. R/By Nooy Bunnell

Copying + Blueprinting
Technigraphics, Cindy  982-8290.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211, and Frances Diemoz 982-4139.  (..large scale reproductions..)

Eating Out
Aztec, on Aztec Street, Sarah  820-0025.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.  ( ..breakfast, lunch, beer, wine,  non-corporate delights ..)

Fabric Repair + Restoration
Mark Anderson, ColorGlo  660-4717 cell, 474-3702 office.  R/By Richard Ellenberg 992-1396.  (.. made a tare in the couch disappear .. 

Danny & Joe Valencia  757-6323; 699-5861.  R/By Frances Diemoz  983-4139.

Hair Stylist—Men and Women
Cenni MacDonald, Q-Beauty  984-2884.  R/By Sandor Brent 982-8643.

Polly Valenzuela  989-9922.   R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

House Cleaning
Judith Juarez  913-1117. R/By Nooy Bunnell

 Maria Ochoa  424-0579.  R/By Bonnie Bishop

Pat Holmes, Advanced Cleaning 490-0067.  R/By Sandor Brent 982-8643.

Amica Insurance, Phoenix, Sherry  1-888-271-6442.  R/By Albert Durand 982-3211.  (, home, liability, life – best damn company in the U.S… )

Mac Computer  Services
Michael McGurl 466-6889.  R/By Bonnie Bishop

Tim Nagy  216-9792.  R/By Peggy Pfeiffer 986-9693.

Music for Parties
Ramon Bermudez Jr.  570-1843. R/By Nooy Bunnell