Welcome to the Canyon Neighborhood Association

The Canyon Neighborhood Association was founded at least four decades ago for the purpose of gathering a community of neighbors who cherish our eastside neighborhood and strive to preserve its historic attributes. We are committed to maintaining  the architectural integrity and natural resources of the canyon environs. We strive to enhance the safety and the cohesion of our neighborhood. This website is our latest endeavor to inform and unite our neighborhood.

Our board members have met faithfully on a monthly basis since our inception. During that time we have tackled such challenges such as restoring the abandoned hydroelectric plant property at the bottom of Upper Canyon Road and shepherding the transfer of an additional 355 acres into conservation in the Upper Canyon, thus protecting it from encroaching residential development. We take what we do seriously, but with a humble, inclusive approach.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website, and welcome your participation in the Canyon Neighborhood Association’s efforts.


The Canyon Neighborhood Association reminds everyone to be cautious in the snowy weather. Stay warm, drive slowly, and keep make sure you have the right equipment on-hand in case anything goes wrong.


If you are interested in joining the CNA board, please contact Jim Gollin at Jgollin@gmail.com.


Emergency Alert Systems from Emergency Manager Andrew Phelps, City of Santa Fe. Click here. 

Inquiries and feedback can reach us via our Blog Page and you can email us at <info@canyonneighborhood.org>.


For more information on preparation in case of fire, we recommend you read the following:



We appreciate all assistance in making the neighborhood a better place!